Introduction & Intent

My name is Cal. I'm a student of History, and enjoy the process of hunting for what lies beneath and what is between the lines. However, first and foremost, I'm a follower of the Lord Jesus.

This requires a dedication to the truth without qualifications. There is no truth+patriotism, or truth+reverence, or truth+comfort. There is only the Truth, and I'm committed to try and be as uncompromising as I can in this regard. I'm a flawed human, as we all are, and we may even be hypocrites or self-justify our foolishness and errors. But despite this, I seek to pursue the truth whether it turns over traditions, preferences, or our comforts. I don't believe that one can love or be kind without the truth. In reality, such becomes saccharine and substanceless mush.

The purpose of this blog is to look out my window on the world around me and provide commentary. This may come as news commentary, essays on historical matters, or fleshing-out ideas. All in all, it's an attempt to walk in wisdom as I follow the Messiah.

This is a place for all lovers of truth. While my faith affects the entirety of my life, such is the impact of all our deep-loves. People who put their "religious" beliefs in the private box are merely revealing they don't actually believe them. That there is something of overriding importance when they act and speak in public. The point is that I'm convicted, but not fearful of challenge. This is a place for all and any to question and pursue.

May we walk with such opened eyes, and may the truth set us free.

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