Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trump as an Apocalypse

Here's today's Op-Ed by David Brooks: here

Now Brooks is pretty much a perfect amalgamation of everything I detest in the "Right-Wing": a sophisticated barbarian, an elitist in a tie-and-suit, a George HW Bush moderate Republican, an obvious member of the Establishment with vague, and useless, sentiments about "religion" and "faith". And he likes to play therapist, to boot! But this piece is a great example of what the election of Trump has done, if nothing else.

The miracle of Trump is a veritable apocalypse in the traditional sense of the word: an unveiling. Trump has unmasked the forces of Establishment through his own topsy-turvy civil war. If one sees with clear eyes, wiping away the sludge of Americana ideology, Brooks is basically indistinguishable from the core of both parties, the military-industrial complex, global corporations, and the Intelligence agency. I'm still amazed at how Hilary Clinton was the "left" candidate, a true revelation at the collapse of liberalism as a political philosophy. All she had to do was wrap herself in a rainbow flag and she gets the support, perhaps a bit begrudged, to wage her global wars for American, market-state, hegemony.

Brooks is the same way, and it's funny how he goes out of his way to make the Trump administration look buffoonish. This is the new memo through corporate media. It's actually irrelevant if Trump is cunning or a buffoon, the facts of the matter is that he has unleashed chaos in the deepest echelons of the American Deep-State. This should function as the wake-up point for anyone who still has faith in elected government or democratic processes. It should be odd that MSNBC, ex-CIA captains, CEOs of multinational corporations, and Huffington Post are speaking with the same voice. NGOs and hawks like McCain are both advocating a war with Russia (sanctions are soft-declarations of war).

His advice is the peak of absurdity: we need a Gerald Ford. Brook is saying, though maybe he doesn't intend it, we need an idiot at the helm while the real pilots correct course, put out all of the fires, and repair the hull. Brooks prattles about respect of law while simultaneously describing features of the American Imperium that are far beyond the realm of "original intent" in constitutional law (e.g. the National Security Council). I don't know if he's an idiot or a deceiver.

Brooks talks about how the Founders wanted to put Moses on the seal. I'm glad they didn't, but he seems a bit remiss. Brooks is akin to Rabashekh, a vile preacher of an Assyrian Empire whose law is the strength of its right arm. For the discerning Christian, the election of Donald Trump is, perhaps, God's way of sending a wild beast to cause chaos in Babel's Den of iniquity. May cretins like Brooks gnash their teeth.

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