Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Donald Trump: A Paen

Given the insanity and whirling of the 2016 election, I hear a lot of noise everywhere and by everyone on the candidates and what's at stake in the upcoming election. I have no intention of voting, primarily because I think democracy is dead in America, and that it's a generally worthless system given an Empire of such magnitude (in terms of wealth, size, influence). The whole crop of candidates had to buy and whore their way into the spotlight. Occasionally, a rogue agent gets through. Someone like a Ron Paul or a Bernie Sanders. As for the former, he had no real chance, as for the latter, his popularity surprises me. But of course, I have to wonder whether his officially signing up with the Democrats means he made a couple deals. Why would Democrats take on an avowed socialist, when they spent 8+ years denying Obama was one (which he's not)?

Anyway, none of this matters. What really impresses me is the success of Donald Trump. The man is a hard-talking, no-nonsense New Yorker who just tells it as it is. At least, that's the act he puts on. Donald Trump is a real estate-mogul, but there was no reason for him to ever emerge from the shadows of the boardroom. He made himself into a celebrity. The persona he constructed for The Apprentice was brilliantly done. Shows copy-catting the basic premise continue to this day. This is his first presidential run, but not really. The race for the American presidency is more reality-show and carnival than any serious, white-knuckled, deliberation over politics. Our voting is akin to American Idol. I wouldn't be surprised if voting will eventually be done by texting it in, especially given the plummeting numbers of people who actually vote.

Donald Trump knows how to work this. He knows how to put on a show. He knows how to say the right things. In fact, he knows when the wrong things are actually the right things. Look at our pop-culture. Our favorite superhero is  Batman who must appear the "bad guy" in order to promote and protect the good. The most popular shows host anti-villains who we love to hate and secretly are enamored with (i.e. Walter White in Breaking Bad, Don Draper in Mad Men, Tony Soprano in The Sopranos). Not only that, look at shows like Game of Thrones, where politics is revealed to be a mad power-lunge. Most Millenials will look with horror and disgust on the political process, while maintaining a comfortable apathy.

Donald Trump senses this. Honestly, I think he is probably the most cunning and in-touch candidate of the whole lot. People like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are ideologues who only preach to the choir. Jeb Bush is the perfect bureaucrat, which in ages gone by would've been a suitable choice for the Presidency. Ben Carson is merely a celebrity, who rises and pops before the day is through. At first, this is what people assumed about Trump. But he's a media mogul, not a delusional dark-horse candidate who really believes he/she is popular because of their message and their purity of heart.

In fact, it may not be possible now, but Donald Trump sets the stage for the future candidate who can do the unthinkable: create a united, unanimous country-wide sweep. This sort of thing only happened with people like Reagan and FDR. Both of them knew how to run the media perfectly. They were able to play all parts for all people. Reagan could be the tough foreign policy cowboy, he was the soft-spoken man of God, he was the common-sensical average-joe candidate. FDR was the sophisticate of the New York establishment, he was a traditionalist to the Dixiecrats, he tried to appear pro-business and pro-labor simultaneously. Both appeared at a National Crisis giving solutions for a new dawn.

These are the legacies that Donald Trump is trying to draw upon. He may have played his hand too strongly. Hillary Clinton is the only other candidate who could have done that, but her affiliation with the Obama administration has only tainted her further (i.e. namely the Benghazi scandal). Instead of letting the tensions and agony of the Clinton eras pass into the myth that those were happy days, she has kept the animus alive. In her quest for power, she has cut herself off at the legs. She will never become the unanimous candidate, though she still might win.

Donald Trump might have done the same thing to himself, making himself into the bully and the hated-one. But if Trump and Clinton both clinch the nominations, it will become a vote off over which one is hated the least. It might drive voter-levels even further down, as Hillary will be searching after all those disaffected Bernie fans. If she chooses Sanders as her running mate, she will only destroy herself and eradicate Sanders' credibility. It might be very tempting, but securing her numbers through Sanders will only open her up to the charge she (beginning with her husband) has been running from her whole life: she is a pinko-commie. Trump would benefit hugely from this, and I'm sure he's hoping for it. As for Trump, I'm sure he'll pick a running mate that is out of the blue, leading to a huge media-spike. Even though Palin was a dud, think about all the excitement McCain generated. He was the middle-of-the-road candidate from the party everyone hated. The fact that he got as close to Obama as he did is in part due to the Palin surge.

But let's continue down this track a little more. Even though Palin was lambasted as a naive idiot, she remained exceptionally popular. Why? Because she channeled her hatred into a celebrity cause. Even when it was patently apparent that she was a dope, there was still a segment who wanted her as president. Trump, unlike Palin, is not an idiot. He knows how the system works. He is the manipulator, not the manipulated. Every insensitive remark, every hamfisted proposal, it's all a calculated risk to build his reputation. As per a line in Pirates of the Caribbean: "You're the worst pirate I've ever heard of"; "But you have heard of me..."

I think Nietzsche would be both disgusted and proud of Donald Trump. He would find the American social state as deplorable and disgusting. He would be horrified at the whoring Donald Trump is doing to make it to the top. But he would be in awe at how Donald Trump rewrites the rules. He would be in awe of how his presence commands people. He breaks people in verbal sparring. He knows how to play his role, and out play everyone else.

America politics are at a turning point. Both Liberals and Conservatives are at certain breaking points. The former are more and more willing to accept war and bloodshed, the latter more and more willing to accept more progressive social mores. Donald Trump, if he does it just right, might fuse the two together in his person. He could support bombing campaigns against ISIS and affirm gay-marriage, with the caveat that "it's gross, but whatever". In a Hegelian sense, he could ride the new synthesis and personify it.

A President Donald Trump could represent the creating of a new American era. But, as far as empires go, this era might result in the shattering of American dominance. Caesars can only push so far on social and geopolitical ethics before the whole tower comes crashing down. Creation can only bear so much wear and tear before it falls apart. God judges Empires at the right time. So who knows what could happen. Maybe the day hasn't come. Even if Donald Trump loses, he will return.

No matter what happens, the American Imperium will continue to rumble on. The goal is an American Century, one that is agreed upon by all Establishment apparatchniks. Whether its a snake like Hillary, a dragon like Trump, or one of the many other reptiles that lust after power, it will make little real difference in the quest for empire. Christians by and large remain blind to this, and continue down the same patterns. The love of power can blind even the most wise.

If this the twilight of the gods, that nihilism is true, Donald Trump is the most successful and most laudable. He really understands the game, a game where there are no ethics, no truth, only the will to power. But if God reigns in Jesus Christ, who is at the Right-Hand of the Father, then we really need to rethink our paradigms and reconsider our place in the world. We ought to stop trusting in princes, and bend the knee to the Prince of Peace. Not only in this era, but for all times everywhere, unto ages of ages. Amen.

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