Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Paris Attacks

I appreciate the sentiments that many share about the need to pray and the need to commentate on the attacks in Paris. This might indeed be an event of great magnitude in terms of the future of European politics.

Will it lead to the vibrant success of the psuedo-Fascist Right-Wing under people like Le Pen in France or Wilders in the Netherlands? Will it lead to the EU becoming a secularized, anti-Islam, militaristic confederacy? Or will the EU explode as every nation tries to secure itself against outsiders? Will the US use this to further suck France into the matrix of NATO, further expanding its vast military empire across the world?

There are many more questions, and it is yet to be known whether this event will be a huge turn for the future of Europe. But of course, before the dust settles, everyone has a quip. I guess, in some sense, I'm not guiltless. However, I am offended that Facebook is very quick to offer a solidarity sticker, putting your profile in red, white, and blue. We can't even allow quiet before the "world" can offer its condolences. Does anyone feel better that while their son/brother/father/mother/etc. died, a bunch of random people had the pleasure of putting the French flag superimposed over their profile picture? Is that really any sort of consolation?

And of course, everyone has their 2-cents to add in. If you have internet, TV, radio etc. you have heard that Paris has been attacked and a hundred plus have died. Why do we need an incessant need to produce a theodicy, to try and moralize, spiritualize, evangelize before the bodies are even buried? Why do we need to constantly chatter?

And then of course, we have the soaring war-hawks. We have Chicken-Little Trump give his quick hit on France's gun-policy to explain the events. We have all sorts of people who want to bang the war-drums against ISIS. I'm not saying ISIS isn't evil and hell-bent on murder. It is. But do we even have a clue as to why ISIS exists in the first place? Maybe before you post your rage and need to 'do something', you should read a history book or two about the West's role in the Middle East, including the propping up the House of Saud, the wheeling and dealing with people like Saddam Hussein, and making and breaking Middle East states for the purposes of US advancement. Iran, in-and-of-itself is a case example of US foreign policy (i.e. the assassination of Mosadegh, the propping up of the Shah for oil and thus control, and the eventual blowback).

But back to my point. Why do we need to give our two cents about the events? Why do we need to try and explain so quickly? We're not in Paris. No one cares what any blogger, or foreign news agent, or personal opinion has to say. If you're not in Paris, if you haven't lost someone, then maybe we need to shut our mouths.

Do not be a Pharisee and make a show of your prayers or your compassion. It means nothing except in the eyes of men. If you are going to pray, pray and do it silently. Do not quote your philosophers, your theologians, your common-sense policy makers.

Just shut-up and kneel.

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