Thursday, November 26, 2015

American Thanksgiving

This ought to be read over and considered as many of us, that is, those who are Christians, leave to go eat our turkey and drink our wine.

Now I still celebrate this day as a family custom and as a particularly lonely time of the year. This is a matter of care and love. The blackmagik of the cultural engine brings a swathe of depression on those who have nothing, no food, no family etc. This is a good day to reverse these sort of things and offer up a different kind of feast; a feast made with one of love and peace, and contrary to the Civil Religion my friend Proto talks about.

Again, read what he has to say in the above link, and take it to heart. This is a day (and tomorrow too) where gluttony, psuedo-religion, materialism, endless craving (aka Lust), etc etc. is celebrated and condoned. This is a day where the religious connotations of American football and military show their face. This is a day where clan/kin trump the connectedness of Christ's people, and we close our doors with our fat bellies and fat wallets.

But this is also a day where we can invite in those who are alone today, left by everyone else. This is a day where Christians can reveal their love, not by giving the homeless turkey-dinners, but by inviting in friends, a motley crew, and modestly enjoying one-another. This is a day where repairing family ties might be received, where inviting disparate family over will be accepted and a relationship will be restored. This is a day of working, earning more now so you will have more time later, and giving God thanks for such a mercy; or perhaps you work so a co-worker can take the day off and see his family gathered.

Yes, Christians must be aware of what American Thanksgiving means, its history, and we must not be lured to think its practice is fine on account that the State says so. But this day is an opportunity to love and to work. This is contrary to its initial purposes. We should give thanks every moment of every day, so today is not about thanksgiving. But it is a particular moment where we, Christians, can subvert the typical story and use it for better purposes. Some of us can, some of us can't, being stronger or weaker. But let's use the moment as it comes to us.

We worship in Spirit and Truth, let this day be a day to do so, subverting the National cult in the process.


  1. How are Protoprotestant and you connected? Was Protoprotestant writing for Leadme?

  2. No, he's just an acquaintance who I've learned much from. His words are worth reading and heeding, even if you don't agree with every premise he accepts.