Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spinning Seuss & Substanceless Stupidity

I know this is a couple days old,but this is a video of Sarah Palin at the C(onservative)PAC re-telling 'Green Eggs and Ham' in political fashion. Of course, this video ought to both shock and, at the same time, be not terribly novel for anyone versed in the political dialectic of today. She does nothing but entertain to a crowd, already enthused to shout for anything, and her critiques are not only void, but hypocritical. On top of that there's a little bit of overt racism tucked in for those with ears to hear.

I know this is just a boosting speech, and not supposed to be terribly thorough or intellectual, but that's part of the problem. The parties, both Democratic and Republican, operate at such an infantile level, it only feeds the deterioration of the American mind. No longer are there reasoned debates or complex dealing. Even the pomp & circumstance, and the nobility of the Congress and the Federal government, has evaporated. Now it's just people who you'd want to have a drink with. Of course, that's a farce as well. Many congressmen are wealthy in their own right, or they've cut enough deals and prostituted themselves out in such a way that blue-collar Joe wears a three-piece suit while he mills about the Capitol.

I say all of this as someone who is an enemy of Empire, whether it is cultured, intelligent and enlightened, or brutish, simplistic, and foolish. And I'm not advocating a wistfulness for the days of the aristocracy that built the framework of the Federal government. It's better to have orange-skinned, everyman John Bohner than the ever flamboyant and powdered Henry Clay.

Yet the eloquence of a Daniel Webster or Clay certainly are more glorious than the lot serving today. Not that glory, as man defines it, means anything, or benefits anyone. But I can hardly imagine the same triumphal march of Battle Hymn of the Republic echoing from any so-called 'artist' today. Instead, one gets Toby Keith and his ode to drunken, cracker culture and brute Imperial force. A boot up the ass? Washington and his fellow noblemen would be rolling in their graves.

So, of course, Sarah Palin is a disgrace, and her appeal, especially amongst so-called 'Evangelicals', perhaps is a judgment from the Lord of Truth.Why so harsh? Isn't she just bashing Obama's failing health-care compromise, and the Surveillance State that the almighty Hitlerian Obama is building? Were it ever so simplistic and foolish!

I'm not protecting Obama, but her accusations just feed into the blood-frenzy of American conservatives to stick charges to something they, in large part, built. Which Republicans seek to defund Medicare or Medicaid in a sweeping way? There'd be no way any would make it through an election by doing so. Yet the hybrid-monster called Obamacare, which is just a sham to appease too many people, is the product of Republican resistance. Not that Obama really could, or would, destroy the insurance companies that, I'm sure, bankroll quite a few congressmen on both sides.

Sarah Palin, the running-mate of John McCain, deriding the PanOpticon apparatus? Are we that stupid? It was Bloodlust McCain and his neo-republican cohort that instituted much of what is the Security State today. They put J Edgar to shame! Obama has only continued it, and Palin criticizes it? So what about the Bush era secret courts? The reditions? Guantanamo Bay and the fusion of military and civilian into a blend to benefit those who benefit? Between Blackwater and other mercenaries in Central Asian, and keeping supposed "terrorists" as enemy combatants, and not civilians, there was nothing that couldn't be juggled in our out of the private sector whenever it got too hot.

Dr. Seuss was one who advocated for common-sense and clarity in political matters. Many of his kids books are round-a-bout critiques of things pertaining to the society of his day. Whether it was the absurdity of the Cold War (Bigger, Better, Butter Battle), environmental destruction (Lorax), or the folly of Hitler and the Fascists (Yertle the Turtle), he was hostile to much of what ran the political discourse of the day. I'm not saying the rhyming doctor was a source of political genius, but he'd be rolling in his grave as well.

Yet such is our Empire of Bread & Circuses.

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